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QUESTION I am considering switching over to gas appliances this year, starting of course with my kitchen appliances. I was wondering if your organisation offered any assistance to members of the public in terms of providing information on how to go about making the change? For instance, I have a number of questions that I am hesitant to ask individual service providers because I want an objective answer.
The questions include:
If I want to change my hob, would the gas canister feeding the appliance have to remain outside, or would it be acceptable to have inside?
ANSWER You are permitted to store a maximum of 19kgs of LPGas indoors. However, there are other restrictions governing their use, placement, etc. Usually, two 14 or 19 kg cylinders are stored outside in such a way that you can use one of them until it is empty, then switch over to the spare one while you have the empty one refilled or replaced. Your local distributor can do this.
QUESTION Do gas appliances have to be installed by a specialist, or can a layman (like my fiancé for instance) do the installation?
ANSWER Any and all fixed LPGas appliances have to, BY LAW, be installed by a fully trained, qualified and Registered LPGas Installer. A list of these is available on our website under the heading “Installers”. Alternatively, you can sms the word ‘gas’ followed by a space and then the name of your suburb to 33311 and you should get an immediate response giving you the details of Registered Installers in your area.
Failure to adhere to the use of a Registered Installer could result in legal action being taken against you and the possibility that your insurance may prove invalid in the event of an incident involving LPGas.
Many of the larger LPGas Distributors or Dealers have Registered Installers on their books. These, as well as the LPGas specialist shops, can explain the benefits of using LPGas, how to use it safely, discuss the pros and cons of various appliances and carry out the installation and ongoing supply of your gas thereafter. You can discuss these issues with them with no obligation to convert to LPGas if you are not satisfied.
QUESTION How does one ensure that the service provider hired to install the appliance is certified to do so?
ANSWER Every Registered Installer is required to;
a) carry an identification card which has a photo of the installer, the level to which he is permitted to install and an expiry date after which he may not carry out any installations until he has re-qualified.
b) He must explain to you how to use appliances correctly and safely.
c) He must leave you with a signed, certificate of compliance, which is his commitment that the installation was carried out according to the national standards.
QUESTION Is the deposit cost on a cylinder regulated? I was told it was, at R150+VAT. A dealer in Pretoria-West is charging R190, and a guy in Midrand, R250.
ANSWER The deposit on a cylinder is not regulated but the majority of dealers standardise on R150 + VAT. Your best bet would be to continue to shop around for the best price.
You would also need to get, and keep, a receipt for your deposit so that when you wish to return it, you get your money back. You should also realize that most dealers won’t give you back more than R150 + VAT even if you have a receipt – i.e. you would have to take it back to the dealer from whom you got it.

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Last modified: April 25, 2009