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Domestic Installations

Installers may install LP Gas equipment up to and including two 48 kg cylinders on a change over valve system and carry maintenance on equipment to
SANS 10087 1

Installation Regulations

If you already have a Gas line installed but you don't know if it is legal, compare it to the following diagram. Give us a call just to make sure!

A - 1m sideways from Doors and Windows

B - 2m from Drains and Air Vents

C - 3m below windows, unless non combustible roof is installed between containers and windows

D - 3m from property boundary unless boundary is a Fire Wall

E - 5m away from a switchable electrical point i.e. plug socket, main power etc. (not a light)

Only Class 1 or 2 copper pipe can be used. NOT what is used in plumbing.

All pipes going through a wall must be sleeved.

Flexible hose may not be more than 2m and may not go through any partition at all (including wood and dry wall).


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Last modified: April 25, 2009